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PHYSICAL THERAPY CENTER - 60 Kapodistriou Ave., Filothei, +30 210 6813437 ▪ +30 697 3319273


At our Physical Therapy Center each patient is treated individually though taking the full history, inspection of all previous medical examinations (e.g. X-ray, MRI scans), clinical evaluation and comprehensive treatment. Below you can read more about the types of treatments and services offered.

Classic Physical Therapy

Classic physical therapy involves treatment through natural means. Such means include:

  • Heat therapy, ultrasound and laser, which increase the blood flow in the treated area, as well as provide anti-oedematogenic and anti-inflamatory effect and acceleration of the healing process.
  • Electrotherapy for pain relief and muscle toning.
  • Massage for relaxation of contracted muscles and dissolution of symphyses.
  • Physiokinetic therapy with fitness equipment or with the use of the physical therapist's hands in order to achieve the conditioning of muscles and increase of the mechanical endurance of the injured structures.


Through acupuncture (body and auricular / ear) it is possible to treat myoskeletal issues and psychosomatic illnesses.
Additionally, cosmetic acupuncture is applied for the improvement of skin quality, prevention or reduction of wrinkles, as well as for curing addictions (smoking, alcohol, obesity, bulimia and more).

Manual Therapy (Chiropractic)

Chiropractic aids in restoring the natural motion of joints and neural tissue, through specialized movements performed by the physical therapists hands.
It is a complete approach for the treatment of orthopedic problems and is based on the most modern scientific research. It includes the full evaluation of the patient's condition in order to diagnose the exact source of discomfort and select the proper therapy.

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